My End of the Year...

celebrating the paris new year @ the alcove cafe
hat on a raining day 
downtown l.a. holiday fun
chocolate peanut butter goodness from georgetown cupcake l.a.
poinsettia with curls
hubby and I on christmas day
best darn ginger ale
first christmas tree all lit up
cheers to the new year
special uncorking
yep, that's me!
 kale salad you will crave
holiday brown estate shipment
the joy of wrapping gifts
brown butter pecan tart...wholesome goodness
lentil soup
dark hot chocolate on christmas eve
the tree before the trimmings
new workout kicks
love my god sister
breakfast burritos are super yummy
homemade french toast bread pudding
tyler flo was a gift to me
holiday fun with the ladies of queens chatter

I'm behind a week, but never too late.  Hope your holiday and end of the year was lovely.  I'm ready to make this a great year.  No expectations, just take each day as they come.  Commit to today and savor the moments.

Happy New Year!  

and I'm off and running...


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