Get Your Jeans Fit. . .

photo credit: whowhatwear
Are your jeans the perfect fit?   Mine aren't! I'm constantly doing the annoying task of pulling up the back or having to add a bulky belt.  Too long or too short, tight in the thigh and loose at the waist. To find the perfect pair of jeans takes a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Many hours of trying them on!  When I buy jeans, I have the best intentions to take them to a tailor, but get lazy and wear them anyway, imperfections and all.  Then I complain about the little things that could have been easily fixed by a professional tailor.  Well, I came across this Who What Wear article on all the stuff you need to know about hemming your jeans, which reminded me to finally take a pair to the tailor to slim the ankle, adjust the hem, and take in the waist for less gapping in the back.  Get your jeans fit for Spring!

A few local spots to give your denim a little TLC...

Denim Repair Shop
Denim Therapy
Denim Revival
Want a full custom pair try Den.m Bar

Custom made, custom fitted! 
Do you send your jeans to the tailor?

and I'm off and running...


  1. Like you, I always say I'll take my jeans to the tailor and never do it. I'll try one to the spots you suggested.

  2. Can you suggest some location in NYC. Im constantly doing the black girl wiggle pulling them up because the waist is too big. This is great!

  3. Thanks JP for mentioning den.m bar! :)


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