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Over the weekend, my friend Jen and I tried a new resto called Sotto.  My Dad went a couple of days before me and raved about how great the food and ambiance was.  So, when Jen said, "let's try something new"  I knew just where to go! I made a reservation with ease on a Friday which was great! I was the first one there and they sat me right away at a quaint table for two.  The ambiance was warm, room dimly lit with candles flickering and reflecting off the crisp clean wine glasses.  I was instantly relaxed and ready for girls night out.  We had the best waiter by the name of Skylar.  Rarely, do you find great customer service when out to dine lately, so this was refreshing.  While I waited, I ordered a cocktail called Pass the Buck, very fresh and tasty.  Once Jen arrived, we ordered some mixed olives to start, a couple of glasses of wineMargarita and Diavolina pizza, and I ordered a Pumkin, Barley, Kale, and White Bean Minestra soup.  Best soup I've had in a long time.  Every bite was yummy!  We continued our girl chat and enjoyed every bite, food was amazing!  

I didn't take pics due the dim lighting in the restaurant.  So, here are some photos I found on their site as well as others...

photo credit: nytimes

photo credit: nytimes

What's in what we ordered...

Pass the Buck {Blanco tequila, fresh lime, Meletti Amaro, ginger syrup, mint, bitter lemon soda}

Marinated mixed olives {chilies, parsley, orange}

Margherita {tomato, mozzarella, basil, EVOO}

Diavolina {tomato, Calabrian chilies, 'nduja, pecorino, kale, onion}

Great ambiance, service, and food...I'm going back to Sotto real soon.  Hopefully this Friday! 

and I'm off and running...

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  1. Great spot. Will definitely check it out!


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