Love it or Leave it: Perforated Footwear

Ohne Titel Fashion Week Spring 2013
photo credit:raw shoes

I've been a little obsessed with all things perforated, especially shoes!  It's not really a new trend, but I've noticed a lot more stuff with holes in them lately.  They're great for Spring, because maybe your feet are not quite ready to fully make their debut but want the air and sun to hit them a bit.  Ha!  Sounds good to me!  I'm surely going add a pair to my shoe closet really soon.  

You want holes in your shoes?  I've got you covered...

steven alan
1 & 2


and one lovely clutch...

Love it or Leave it?

and I'm off and running...


  1. You know I love ya Jen but you got to leave that first shoe alone!

  2. Don't love it, BUT definitely like it and will likely add a shoe to the collection!

  3. The Rachel Comey boots look interesting. I wonder if Jennifer would rock those puppies.

  4. I really love the Steven Alan ones, really cute and elegant.


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