Melted Goodness at Heywood. . .

"grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort food"-ina garten
i'm a huge ina garten (barefoot contessa) fan

Last week, I met my friend Amelia for a bite and to visit the Clare Vivier store in Silverlake for a little peek and to pick up my mom's messenger bag that was repaired (CV is so great about repairs).  Anyway, we had lunch at this new spot called Heywood Gourmet Grill Cheese Shoppe, right around the corner from the CV store.  O-M-G...this place is so super yummy!!!!  You gotta go if you're in the area.  Just think, classic grilled cheese sandwiches turned up a notch or two or 10!

Here's the menu...cute, huh?

I forgot the guys name who took our order, but he was so nice and he suggested one of his favorites, the "Bill Clinton's epiphany".  Now, the Bill Clinton comes with vegan cheese..not a fan.  So, I substituted the vegan for the aged english cheddar with roasted red peppers, and avocado melted on squaw wheat bread.  Oh goodness...so yummy!  Doesn't that just sound cozy?  For $6.50, you can get half a sandwich, tomato soup, and salad.  Perfect!

I loved this place...oh, and they stay open until 3am Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Not good for my behind, but good for my stomach!

Looking for me...find me at Heywood!



  1. Oh, I definitely want to try this! Especially since WAW eats Grilled Cheese!!!! Yummy!


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