smiling about...

being married for 5 years...

hotel casa del mar
may 24, 2008

5 things...

I still get excited when he walks through the door

 we still make each other laugh out loud

date night is always on Friday, no matter who joins us (mom..ha)

we make decisions together on pretty much everything

I enjoy cooking for him and he enjoys tasting 

bonus: we watch "real time with bill maher show every friday night after date night :) ha!

little marriage advice...

 on your anniversary day, ask each other what you've done great this year and what you can work on for the upcoming year.  keeps communication open and helps each of you improve. 
(I might still need to work on what he told me last year...lol)

enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love this! And I love your tradition!!! Happy Anniversary and hears to Many More with lots of Blessings!!! Love you both!

  2. Zeke on the westcoastMay 24, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    You guys will go five more plus with a little Archie in tow.I love both of you very much

  3. Happy Anniversay you two. You're a beautiful couple. Enjoy your anniversary and each other! Love you.

  4. This is so sweet with great advice and traditions!! So glad I was there to bless and support this union. Wishing you guys a wonderful Anniversary and many, many more to come. Love you both! lots!!!


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