Designer Highlight: William Okpo

darlene & lizzy, lizzy & darlene 

william okpo

sisters and designers
new york
photo credit: refinery 29

I heard about these ladies about 2 years ago, but never highlighted them on my blog.  Lizzy and Darlene Okpo of William Okpo are sisters with amazing style.  I absolutely love their style and natural hair.  Totally feel like Lizzy, Darlene, and I could be the best of girlfriends!  Ha! I would love to get my hands on a piece of  the William Okpo collection, but I can't seem to do that as I searched and searched and could not find a store that had stock.  So, this lovely interview and their tumblr will have to do.  Oh, and the short video below of the behind the scenes construction of their NYFW FW 2013 show.  Enjoy and keep your eye out for more fabulosity from these ladies. 

photo credit: refinery 29


  1. they are super cute!!! thanks for putting them on my radar!

  2. I love all those looks!!! If you find a retail or online location where we can purchase, please send an update!!

  3. That tile-patterned outfit looks funky-fresh. You might want to cop that, jiggyloves.


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