My Persian Kitchen...

photo credit: amazon

I've been dibbling and dabbling in a little Persian cooking lately and I must say that I'm quite impressed with myself.  Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food have become my fav type of food next to Mexican food.  I love the taste of fresh herbs, lemon, and rich spices, and most of the dishes are very healthy and light. Lots of protein from chicken, lamb, and lentils stews and fresh salads.  Super yummy and comfy food!  There is this restaurant by my job, that I usually get Persian food from for lunch.  I was ordering it almost every week, (they knew my name and my order) until I started bringing my lunch to work every day (save some money).  I thought to myself that I can make this food myself.  Got my hands on this cookbook and here's what I made...

Joojeh Kebab (Chicken Kebab) with saffron and tumeric
recipe here (page 100)

Salad Shirazi (Tomato & Cucumber Salad) with mint and red onion
recipe here (I used fresh mint)


Thanks Louisa for your lovely cookbook...Check out her site here!


  1. this looks dee-lish! all of it! you're such a great cook! glad your my sis!

  2. zeke on the west coastJune 25, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    I enjoyed the dishes at the fess,great cooking


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