I Heart Mendo...

I'm back!  Took a much needed vacay!  I had a relaxing and lovely time with the husband while we explored the quaint towns of Mendocino County.  

Taking in a local play at the Mendocino Theatre Co, driving through the Redwoods with the sun-roof open, wine tasting at Toulouse winery while having lunch amidst the vineyards, canoeing up Big River, having amazing lump crap and roast beef sandwiches with ginger beer from Mendocino Market in the middle of the river while listening to the birds and the peaceful ripple of the water, resting before dinner in our quaint room in front of the fireplace while drinking a little Pinot Gris from Navarro winery compliments of the Blue Door Inn (our home this week), yummy organic pizza from Frankie's, exploring glass beach (didn't see the glass, but beautiful)  and the quaint town of Fort Bragg, and spending quiet moments with the hubby . . .amazing vacay!   We're back at home, but have great memories to last forever.  

more photos...

where we stayed

where we ate breakfast every morning

view from one of our windows

one of my favorite photos

we walked to the theater

a short hike

driving through the redwoods

best sandwiches

picnic at Toulouse Winery

daily wine hour at the the blue door inn

lunch on the canoe

taking a selfie while canoeing


We will definitely be back!


  1. I'm officially hungry!! Your trip looked amazing and relaxing!!! Cant wait to visit Mendo!

  2. That trip looks fantastic!!! I must check out Mendocino.

  3. Yes! We'll have to make it back up there again. It would be cool to have a little couple's weekend up there. There seems to be something for the guys and girls whether it's outdoor activities, shopping, theater, etc...good times.


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