Fall Preview: Duro Olowu

photo credit:vogue.it

Well, Summer is coming to an end and all stores are getting rid of Summer pieces to make room for Fall.  I love this time of the year, because of  Summer sales, Fashion Week, the anticipation of wearing cozy sweaters and boots, the chill in the air sneaks up in the evenings, and of course my birthday closes out the Summer as it falls on Labor Day this year.  Don't get me wrong I love Summer, but to me the "Real" fashion starts during the Fall/Winter season.  This Duro Olowu collection just screams Fall/Winter and what I get excited about!

Have a look. . . 

Are you ready for Fall?

photo credit: vogue.it


  1. zeke on the west coastAugust 6, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    Those are some BADD clothes,and the colors WOW

  2. That is alllllll good stuff right there!


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