A Few Things. . .

photo credit: paris in four months

Fall came, and I just left you high and dry. . . Ha!  So sorry about that, but there are some really great things going on in my life that have been taken over my time a bit and I've been forced to take a mental break.  I've been having a huge bout with "what am I suppose to blog about" block and a bittersweet relationship with social media and the internet.  Sometimes you just need a break from all of that. . . it can get pretty overwhelming!!!  Anyway, I have a couple of posts this week, not sure what will happen next week, but hope you'll keep reading.  By January, I'll be back full-time with fresh news and great things share!  

Meanwhile, check me out over on my other blog Blah Blah Birds on Thursdays, but really check it out everyday.  The Birds have some great stuff to share with you like our Tuesday Fall Recipe Swap going on now!!!  Don't want to miss it! 

make it a great day!!!!

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  1. I feel you on the world wide web take-over! It can be a bit much at times!!! Do what your heart tells you; I'll be waiting patiently to see your next chapter unfold!


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