On My List. . .

What's on your restaurant list?  I have many on mine!  Really, I have many lists of all sorts of things...all to remember where to shop, eat, and play.   So, I thought I would share one from my resto list today.  If you're in the area you might want to check out...

Free Range L.A.

free range la

Every Sunday Free Range is usually at the Melrose Farmers Market doing Sunday brunch and serving up their classic, I'm sure yummy fried chicken sandwich with jalapeno slaw (love anything with slaw on it) or their Southern Fried Chicken biscuit sandwich.  They do move around sometimes, so follow them on Instagram to see where they have landed before you head on over to the farmers market (trust me).  They offer other yummy choices to satisfy everyones palate, check out the menu here and enjoy!

free range la

Add Free Range L. A. to your list!

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