Tuesday Baby Update...

I'm 28 weeks (7 months) today!!!!   We have 2 months 3 weeks to go and she will be here.  God is so good...no, he is Awesome!!!  So, last week you know we were on our baby moon in N. Cali which was fantastic and so relaxing.   Hard to come back, but excited to get back to continue the preparation for our little girl.  The photo above shows how I  had to sleep while on the trip.  Lol!! I had to construct a replica of my Leachco Back/Belly pillow that I have at home using 5 pillows.  Pretty complex, but it worked!  The husband is a trooper, because he only has a sliver of bed to sleep on.  Sometimes I catch him all snuggled up against the pillows...so sweet!   Most importantly, I sleep comfortably and it helps ease the round ligament and back pain, but I still don't sleep through the night.  :(    

Now that we are back from our trip, we have been discussing our long to-do list.  We did scratch a major one off our list and that is finding a Doula.  We found her and she's  awesome.  We start our birthing sessions with her this week and our hospital tour and sessions start next week.  We also booked our pregnancy photo shoot.  We are creeping down the list, but it will all get done.  Trying to get most of the physical things off the list in the next couple of weeks as my energy and me are slowing down.  Wish me luck! 

Cravings... plain croissants, oranges, and berries are still in heavy heavy rotation.  I just might deliver an orange for a baby. lol!!!  Still have an egg every morning.  Yesterday, I sent the husband to get me a box of Honey Bunches of Oats (HBO) and a carton of Half and Half which I mixed with almond milk.  Never in my life have I wanted HBO cereal, but saw a commercial and they looked so yummy.  Had to have it!  The crunch and a bit of the sweet honey in each bite is just everything to me!!!   Another new addition is fresh lemonade.  If it's not fresh, forget about it!   I also think and dream about mashed potatoes.  Made some on Sunday with baked salmon and sautéed cabbage and kale...very cozy! 

So, like I said before I'm still on the hunt for cute, chic, and bump friendly clothes.  On our trip, I bought this sweater from my fav store Anthropologie.  To my surprise, they have so many bump friendly options.  The price isn't  always right, but at least I can wear after the baby comes.  So, I found this cozy cardigan (below) while in Carmel.  Didn't buy it, but I'll probably get it this weekend.  It wraps around my bump so sweet, with room to grow.  I have a store credit that is burning a hole in my pocket, and I'm using it on this cardigan.   

Pleidas Cardigan

That's all for this week...next week I should have another ultrasound, so I hope to have a cute photo to share.  

More Tuesday Baby Updates next week!


  1. I have a tree full of lemons in my back yard.

  2. All your cravings are relatively healthy (oranges and berries), so you're pretty lucky. Not long now!

  3. All of your cravings are relatively healthy (oranges and berries)! Not long now.

  4. Zeke on the west coastMarch 11, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Glad you back safe and sound,Photo shoot???? for real i must be an old G.Happy sleeping


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