Tuesday Baby Update...

the box of goodness! 

I'm 29 weeks today!  It's been pretty quiet since we got back from our trip.  Have been dragging my feet on some important to-do list stuff.   I did get on the horse and set up two pediatrician prenatal appointments before our sweet girl arrives.  I owe it all to my dear friend and Blah Blah Bird sister, Toni  for motivating me to get on it!  I feel a bit of weight lifted off of me...don't need any extra weight these days. Ha!  We finally found the perfect home for my beloved couch that was taking up major room in the nursery.  Moved and the owner is content!  We also are re-purposing some of our furniture in the house to put in the nursery.  Save a little cash on pricey baby furniture.  We are transforming my armoire that's not being used to it's full potential into this (click on link)...excited to see how it turns out.  I'll keep you posted on this project and maybe have photos of the before and after.

Cravings are the same!  Honey Bunches of Oats are the business and I'm all over it! The husband picked up a new box for me over the weekend.  Score! You would have thought he brought flowers home, I was so excited!  I do love my green mint iced tea with agave nectar from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks, or Wholefoods Market,  but I try to minimize that to once a week.  It's so satisfying to me.  The cold ice and the subtle sweetness to enhance the mint flavor.  Try it!

The bump is growing bigger and bigger, but still pushing myself into my old pants.  Might have a week or two left before I gotta hang them up.  Thought I could make it to the end!  lol!!!  Still working my own pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  Finding new things in my closet everyday that work well for the belly. I should be fine with tops and dresses.  Just have to break down and buy some maternity pants.  Can't wear these jean leggings to work everyday!  I did get myself in a bit of trouble at my fav store Anthropologie.  Picked up the cutest jumpsuit that fits me and the bump really well, but I'm not sharing the link.  Don't need you guys in my business too much, judging me and stuff. lol!!!

Well, that's all for this week!  I hope to have some photos next week of some of our projects and maybe ultrasound photos.   Oh!  We have our first birthing class and tour of the hospital this evening.  Should be exciting! Can't forget to bring two pillows!!!! :)

Back here next week for more updates...

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  1. Your so welcome!!! It's nice to be able to check things off the list! Can't wait to see the other projects come to life!!!


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