Tuesday Baby Update...

jiggyloves @ 29wks 5days
Tee: William Okpo
Pants: H&M

Spring is here and I'm 30 weeks today!!!! Woohoo...I'm in my thirties!!!  Ten more weeks to go!  So, last week we went to our first birthing class at Cedars. We were late, but they were pretty easy on us.  I did interrupt the class by apologizing, and at the end of class she made an announcement that there is no need to apologize, just come in and join us...Ok, we got it!  We'll be on-time tonight! :)   The class is very intimate, only 5 couples and lots of great information...we even have homework! We met a sweet couple that will deliver around the same time as us and guess what? We have the same doctor!  Yep!  I immediately got this feeling that we will go into labor at the same time.  Hmmm...that would be very interesting.

Nursery update...over the weekend we made some major progress in the nursery.  Moved some furniture around and purged our closets.  More purging to do, but glad we got rolling.  My mom and I also tackled a little reupholstering project.  Found some beautiful fabric at Michael Levine downtown for my gently used glider so graciously given to me by one of my mom 's besties.  Should get that covered this week.  I can't wait to share when all is complete.  Exciting stuff happening over here!! :)

Cravings are pretty much the same, but I picked up a couple more...Mango frozen yogurt from Yogurtland. Have you had it?   My taste buds are jumping just thinking about it.  I'm also trying something new that I had at my friends baby shower over the weekend...honey yogurt with granola and berries like a yogurt parfait.  So yummy!  I see a theme here with yogurt, baby must need more protein.  Also, yesterday I noticed my appetite increased a lot.  I ate all day yesterday!  Here comes that weight I've been wondering about.  Uhh ohh!!!

In the never ending "what do I wear, and still be fashion-forward" saga, I finally found some maternity pants at Target for work (pretty cute) and love these cuties from H&M.  Got them in 3 colors.  I don't have to buy anymore pants for the rest of my pregnancy.  Just perfect!

I think that's it for this week!

Tune in next week for more baby updates...


  1. looking good Jiggy!! Love this photo of you. so glad to hear you and the hubby making progress over there. can't wait to see you, xo

  2. You look adorbs!! Love the tee and pants! Enjoy your classes and your nesting!!!

  3. zeke on the west coastMarch 26, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    You look great,and relaxed


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