Tuesday Baby Update...

30 wks 6 days

32 weeks (8 months) today!!!  I have lots of updates!!! I had my first baby shower last Sunday giving by Marlin's Mom, Aunt, and Sister-in-law.  It was surely a girlie affair with pink and green decoration and lots of fun games.  Very grateful and look forward to the next shower which is next week.  All my girls from the East Coast are coming in town...can't wait!  It's truly a celebration for this special little girl we have yet to meet.  Feeling very blessed!

Here's a few photos from the shower...

Besides the baby shower fun, the husband and I have been making great progress on Project Nursery. The crib was delivered and Marlin spray painted it gold.  Yes...gold!  All we need to do is put it together and we are done with that.  I also found the bedding that I want at a sample sale over the weekend.  So, that is done too!!!  I finally started on my wall art project.  I got some paper letters to spell the popular french saying "joie de vivre" (joy of life) from Land & Nod to decorate using paint, glitter, recycled paper flowers, and yarn.  I have 4 more letters to go and I'll be done with that too.  Check out the photos below, turned out really beautiful.  What I like about this crib is it's really safe, affordable, and converts to a toddler bed or a day bed.  Score for us!

jenny lind convertible crib

wall art project

Tonight we have our last birthing class.  We have truly enjoyed this class and look forward to the birth day.  We had a tour of the hospital and it looks like we will be in great hands.  No worries there! Still a bit anxious about going into labor, but preparing myself mentally each day to not be fearful.  I'm feeling good, but had two nosebleeds yesterday and the aches and pains took me for a spin.  Hoping today will be better!  Looking forward to seeing my Dr. today!  I always get so excited to go to hear the baby's heartbeat and ask a lot of questions. :)

Cravings...pretty much the same.  Really enjoying spoonfuls of frozen Cool Whip.  Ohhhh gosh, it's so tasty.  You have to try it!  Still not eating meat.  If I do, it's very little.  I do enjoy baked salmon which I cooked Sunday night with cole slaw and baked potato. Yummy yummy!  This week, I'm going to try to make navy bean soup without the ham.  I had a really good one here and wanted some ever since.  Post the recipe after I make it!

Think that is it for this week or I'm drawing a blank.  :)

more Tuesday Baby Updates next week or the following...

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  1. The room is going to be oh so very stylish! Congrats again and again!


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