Oh, Coach...

Hi, readers...If you're still out there!  Ha!  It's been a minute, but hey, what a nice surprise, right?   So, I got this email from Barneys NY about "Vintage Coach"  and I'm really not a Coach fan.  A bit too conservative for me, but sometimes you need simple and conservative. Well, I have since taken that back after seeing their new collection...Coach classic styles with spice!  I use to rock Coach back in college. Yep, I had the Bucket Bag in dark brown.  I still have the bag and it's still in great condition. Fast-forward to today, I would love to add one of these lovely new Coach bags with Fringe!  Yes, fringe! Next to fur and sequin, I love fringe!  A bit too pricey for me at the moment, but a girl can dream.  Another one added to my wish list!

Here are a few more I'm loving...

Gucci inspired!!! 

Are you loving it? 

Happy Tuesday!!!

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